How to choose a perfact domain

Hi everyone in this quick post I wanted to  go over choosing a domain name and what  makes it a domain name and what doesn’t  and I also wanted to talk about  brandable domain names verse more  keyword-rich type domain names so just  to get started here I’m going to go to  GoDaddy calm and that’s the website that  i generally use to look up domain names  and let’s just say i wanted to look up  the benefits of fruit and i’ll just type  it in and there it is the benefits of  fruit calm shows up by default as you  can see it says your domain name was  available you can add the cart and go on  with the purchase it also says you buy  more than one you can get a discounted  rate so it’ll be 18 dollars more if you  get all three of them I really wouldn’t  recommend doing that if you’re really  concerned about like blocking somebody  in from getting that domain name maybe  you can do that but I really wouldn’t  worry about it too much if you scroll  down here you can see there’s different  extension options you can choose from oh  geez calm down or Gannett over here it  says Donna I owe XYZ org and it will  give you lots of different variations so  if you want to do that you could  actually go here and I would first start  by going over here to Google and putting  in the benefits of fruit to see what  comes up you want to see if there’s  other competition that’s already coming  up for this phrase especially if you’re  going to be using a brandable domain  name which isn’t something that’s just  going to be words like this it might be  a made-up word like like this like  fruity or something like that and you’ll  see what comes up is competition so if  you wanted to you can go back here and  look at fruity spelled like that and see  if the domain name is available but  there is some drawbacks and it’s  actually taken so that shows you right  there that somebody thought that was a  good brandable domain name despite the  spelling because there’s a lot less  competition here that they’re up against  within Google and other search engines  so if you wanted to another thing you  can do before ending up purchasing a  domain name is you can go here on  in check and name check is also spelled  differently than it would normally be  and check here if it’s available so if  you want to you can type that in and  it’s going to show you the domains that  are available with this extension and  it’s also going to show you the user  names for Facebook YouTube Twitter  Instagram vlogger Google+ everything  there is here so you can see right there  that these one’s already taken by  whoever probably owns this com domain  name so that’s a good thing to look at  before you just start making a website  or getting domain names to see if the  social media accounts that would  correspond with them are actually  available to sign up for as well it’s  very important for brand ability these  days to have the correct social media  accounts to go with them now another  thing you can look into is brandable  domain names a website here that you can  reference is called brand bucket and at  brand bucket com you can I’ll just  scroll down and show you there’s all  different types of made-up  domain names here that are available for  purchase now these are very expensive  because of how unique they are now  something that I actually don’t like  about brandable domain names is that  you’re going to have to basically spend  money or spend time educating your  customers or viewers or whoever it may  be about what your actual website is  about  now Fruity might give it away a little  bit because has this fruit in the domain  name name it has fruit as a base word  but if you had this view stuff here  let’s say for this get Jenna go you’re  going to have to take time and probably  spend money to educate your customers or  viewers on what the actual domain name  is about so it’s something you really  need to take into account if you’re  going to end up purchasing a brandable  domain name especially if you’re going  to spend this kind of money in the  process to buy something like that that  you really like some catchy name so on  here you can actually sort by invented  or keyword first or you can actually go  up here and type in a keyword as well so  let’s say you want to do something like  Bitcoin I’ll just do an example because  it’s very popular now I saw a lot of  them on here the other day so here’s all  these different group  Bitcoin related keywords for domain  names that you can actually purchase now  something I would also say another  website here is called expired domains  net and you can look up all different  types of domain names you can search by  keywords again up here you can set  different filters to display only coms  ones with a certain length certain  backlinks available on the profile these  are ones that are expiring you choose no  characters no numbers no hyphens you can  also do that within the search here and  GoDaddy but these ones are expired ones  that may have had age to the account  they may have higher ratings with page  Authority domain Authority backlinks all  kinds of things like that that can  actually help the website rank quicker  since its expired and already has those  backlinks but that could probably be a  whole nother video and this one I just  wanted to talk about basically these  brandable domain names compared to the  more keyword friendly ones and I  personally would probably invest in  something that’s more keyword friendly  like best benefits of fruit were the  benefits of fruit or benefits of fruit  com something like that instead of  something like this fruity that’s going  to be a little harder for the customer  to remember how to spell and they might  have to educate them on what your brand  is actually going after so I would  recommend personally going with  something that’s more keyword rich but  if you do want to know more brandable I  would actually probably try to search on  their own first see where you can find  and then maybe look at something like  brand bucket comm for examples of what  might be a catchy one that you can maybe  find for a lower price on somewhere like  GoDaddy or any other registrar for that  matter  another website that might be helpful  for you to get ideas is called name mesh  calm and on name Escom you can basically  type in something like a keyword phrase  and then it will start to generate names  that could be used for different domain  names so if I put in WordPress you can  see there’s WordPress on site or pressed  line I wouldn’t recommend actually using  something like WordPress because it  probably is trademarked and you could  get yourself in the legal situation so  you want to use more generic keywords or  something like either with like WP but  then it would be hard to search that WP  will bring up a lot of different results  now speaking of WP with my website WP  with Tom com I actually think I did  something incorrect with this I think I  shouldn’t have put Tom in the domain  name because then if you go to sell the  website or if I try to sell my website  WP with Tom com I built the brand around  me myself and I wouldn’t be able to  continue on that brand brand unless I  happen to sell some kind of Tom maybe so  it’s very hard to sell a website with  the domain name that is linked to you  specifically so if you had Michele’s  flashing blog or something like that it  might be very hard to sell it it would  be better off to have something like  fashion blog about something just for an  example so I just wanted to keep that in  mind and I hope this was helpful in  helping you find a good domain name and  how to choose a domain name that could  be valuable valuable for you and your  business going forward thanks for  reading everyone    

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