How to choose a wordpress theme for your site ?

Hey everybody welcome back to our blog as always I’m your host Pallavi and  this is your home for handcrafted  wordpress blogtutorials in today’s  post we’re going to talk about  building a wordpress website making the  decisions of selecting a wordpress theme  and when do you know a theme isn’t right  for your particular project now I  received a question over on plug-in Tom  we’re going to read this one right now  is from Peggy Bragg’s she says hi Matt  great presentation of 2017 theme I’m  very new at WordPress I love it so far  I’ve been hired to do an e-commerce  website with WooCommerce plugins I am  using 2017 theme for this site but I’m  totally confused with this theme on how  to do it with the site do you recommend  using 2017 theme for this type of  website the website will be for a  jewelry store do you have any  recommendations for a theme that would  be easy to use for store like this any  suggestions I would be greatly  appreciated this is a great question  Peggy one that is very difficult to  really dive into because it the answer  is always depends right it always  depends on what the expectations are  from you as the designer developer that  implement or whatever you sort of label  yourself in the freelance or business  world and what your expectations are  from your customer and what the goals  are for of a specific website there’s a  lot here and I feel like in the  WordPress space so many people come in  with using WordPress by default and they  just try to cram everything into  whatever WordPress gives it out of the  box so in this case 2017 it’s sort of  labeled as a business theme which I  would say that it very much is but still  for a very specific vertical of  businesses right certainly not a  WooCommerce driven theme that’s for sure  we’re going to dive into that in this  video and short sort of show you the ins  and outs of that so let’s just go right  into the 2017 theme and I’m going to try  I’m gonna make it make my best effort to  make this a jewelry store website and  you know nine times out of 10 any any  WordPress theme could be any business  that you want it to be right so 2017  could be a jewelry store 2017 could be a  coffee shop it’s no different as long as  you’re using  imagery photographs video illustrations  that kind of thing something that  represents that business or that brand  you’re putting those into those areas of  a theme and it just looks like it  because that’s what the photography  looks like right that’s with the that’s  what the imagery looks like it’s when  you get under the hood and you need  something like WooCommerce to operate  correctly or another marketing you know  piece of software whatever it might be  presentation of content that’s when the  lines really start to become clear or  whether or not a theme works right so  let’s just go right into this I  typically use a website called unsplash  right so  and from here like if I’m building a you  know a new site or something like that  or I’m blogging and I need some featured  images that kind of thing or making  featured images for YouTube I’m just  gonna come here and I’m going to just  type in jewelry and unsplash will find  whatever sort of Creative Commons images  that there are but there’s another  plug-in that I’m just going to hop over  to already in my example site I’ve  already got it installed is called  instant photos and whoops instant images  excuse me and I’m gonna go ahead and  just search for jewelry here I’m going  to pull in some example photos now you  can apply today’s lesson to any website  that you’re building it just so happens  to be a jewelry store that we’re talking  about today so I’m gonna go ahead and  say yes I like that one that’s going to  download that one that one I know that  there’s some in here that look like they  have watches so watch it alright so  we’ve got the assets we’ve got the  images here that are going to really  represent a jewelry store and let’s just  go right into the home page of the 2017  theme now one of the great things about  2017 it’s got this great big area that  we use to customize an image and this  one’s certainly going to play well with  this image here I’m not going to crop  any of this stuff I’m just going to put  it right in and then I’m going to rename  my website to my jewelry store  take place to buy diamonds now this is  lesson number one I recently did another  video on customizing 2017 with another  plugin I’m not going to use that in this  video I’m trying to keep this as  condensed as as possible but this is it  right this is the header for 2017 theme  this is the header that we’re going to  get for your jewelry store again you can  customize a little bit further with that  plug-in that I showed you but for all  purposes you know for building this  default theme and really not breaking it  with custom CSS or things like that  shouldn’t say breaking it but you know  really going a step further this is all  you’re going to get so right out of the  gate right if you are not happy with the  way that this lays out in the first few  minutes of building this jewelry website  this jewelry website then we’re out of  luck right we’re out of luck and you  need to go and find a different theme so  if you were to say like well yeah this  is great but how do we you know where’s  the option to to shrink all of this  space my customer or my client doesn’t  want all this space between the top of  the browser to you know the site title  this is it and I seen this time and time  again like this is why themes are  designed this is why they’re called  themes it’s the theme it’s the design of  the site if you’re looking for a  boatload of options to customize all  this stuff that’s when you want to look  to something like a beaver builder theme  or Divi theme but the warning with that  and I’ve said this a bunch of times on  this channel especially if you watch my  featured themes versus page builder  themes video the drawback is there’s a  boatload of options that you’re going to  be messing with right so then you say to  yourself well okay well how do we find a  theme that’s going to work for this and  that’s what that’s what the challenge is  today so now we’re going to switch the  colors to a dark color I think it plays  a little bit better with the black and  white photos just because you know of  what we have here and I’m going to get  out of this and I’m going to set up the  pages that I think are going to line up  well with a jewelry store right so we  downloaded a watch’s image we downloaded  a Rings image and we got another one in  there  I’m just going to for now I’m just going  to set up these two and I’m going to  pull in some text whoops we’re pulling  some example text from the ipsum site  I’m sure there’s a million options out  there for people to do this I usually  just hop over to this site  grab some filler text and copy and paste  this into my wordpress site so that’s  watches I’m going to give the featured  image the watch and I’m going to publish  that I’m going to go back and set up the  Rings I’m going to actually specifically  call it engagement rings just like to be  detailed like that I’m going to publish  this forget to apply the graphic and  just because I know how this site or how  this theme works I’m going to create  another ones I’m going to say sales sale  last minute sales last minute deals and  I’m going to fill that and then put in  another let’s say this one set featured  image publish okay so let’s just let’s  just work that so the what did I just do  there I just went and I set up some  filler content someplace holding text  someplace holding graphics just so we  can go ahead and build out build out the  home page so let’s go back to  customizing the site and let’s see this  is still the blog page so I’m going to  go to see if we get where static front  page static page so welcome to the home  page is going to be the default page  that you know that we’re using I’m  calling it welcome to the home page and  then the post page will be the blog page  we’re not going to get into doing the  blog and setting that up in this video  today but you can see here that I’ve  already got some things laid out from a  previous video and I’m just going to  replace this with those place holding  images and then I’ll explain what I did  so we get watches what else that I set  up  last-minute deals which I spelled wrong  obviously and I thought I did rings but  engagement rings escalated engagement  rings so save and publish that so again  I’m speaking up specifically about 2017  if you want to go watch the the video  that I did you can learn how to actually  customize it but it’s got these three  sections or four sections and you can go  in you can identify which pages you want  to promote it to the front page and then  and then it’s going to pull in the  featured image and then the content with  that page okay so let’s just take a look  at that if this were my jewelry store I  have my first starting image I might  welcome to the home page text and then  this watch featured image that has this  big parallax scrolling effect and then I  can put the content in you know about  watches right here and then the another  featured image again last minute deals  you saw me set that up and then again  Rings the content there and then I’m not  going to put anything in that last  section just so we can keep moving along  so same deal if you like this layout  right if this layout works for you in  your particular website then then yes  that this is this is a good theme for  you but if this layout is not going to  work for you if you don’t like the way  the content is presented you know for  example how do we you know I don’t want  to say watches on the left what about  all this space over here these are  questions that I get all the time you  know dealing with so many of the themes  in the WordPress space well you could do  something like one column or two columns  and in one column that’s one option that  you have you have these two options  basically have one column in two column  in 2017 and it’s just going to stack  that page title above your content here  so that’s it that’s it in terms of  customizing it outside of you know  really going in with some custom CSS and  HTML and maybe JavaScript to make things  happen differently but these are the  options you have if this works for you  that’s great I think that this will re  looks like a great jewelry store website  if the jewelry store website just wanted  to display sort of marketing content and  product information and like where to  find them that kind of  but here comes the rub this is the part  where we integrate WooCommerce or we  don’t integrate WooCommerce because  there is no real way right so let’s just  save and publish that I’ve already  installed WooCommerce I’ve got a link in  my navigation here so I’m just going to  go ahead and hit shop and this is where  it starts to sort of break down I just  got some default content in here for  WooCommerce and you can see that you  know the shop page works right we got  the we got the products you know it’s  there are some things here that could be  styled a little bit better for this  particular color scheme you know I can  read this stuff I can add it to the cart  I can view my cart but then you start to  see all the little nuances where if we  go back you know we have the sidebar  here the sidebar is always going to be  here you can’t select templates per page  for 20:17 right now which I found myself  scratching my head over which maybe they  just they’re not going to release them  just yet or they eventually will like a  full width template that kind of thing  so this sidebar will always be here with  you which is kind of a right so if  you’re doing a lot of you know if you’re  doing a lot of blogging like this site  has a bunch of default content in here  so or place holding content so if I had  blog a blog going for the last few years  and you’re you know depending on what  your sidebar is all of that’s going to  show up on your shop page which doesn’t  always necessarily lead to the best  conversion rates if you’re into that  kind of thing but if it doesn’t bother  you it doesn’t bother you for me I’d  rather have a nice full width product  pages that kind of thing and then when  you go to the add to the cart which I  already did but let’s go view the cart  you know just the styling doesn’t you  know line up very well specifically not  on this dark theme that I had chosen and  you know like the coupon doesn’t align  with the apply coupon but and there’s a  lot of broken sort of you know styles  right here but again this theme doesn’t  come out of the gate and say we are  WooCommerce compatible the release is  not marketed that way in my eyes so and  even up here like the cart link is up  here if you had the two column layout so  for example if I switch this back to a  two column layout  theme options to column you can see that  that all that does is take the page  title and move it to the left hand side  and then drop in that sort of white  space below it which pushes everything  in the cart here again it’s going to  work it’s just not going to look that  professional depending on what you’re  selling you know if you were selling  like an e-book maybe not a big deal  $9 20 our ebook whatever even maybe $100  ebook but if you’re selling jewelry for  a few hundred dollars and maybe you’re  hoping for somebody to check out of your  website with a thousand dollars worth of  items it’s not going to be the best sort  of you know branded experience in my  eyes now you know for me details are  very important design is very important  you know when you have the budget for it  and when it really matters to you know  the business and in this case I would  say that look this this checkout page  isn’t really good for this type of type  of setup now let’s go back to the home  page because it’s actually made out of  the customizer I’m going to go to the  dashboard one more time pages and I want  to just look at one of the pages I just  recently set up shop not the shop page  sorry the Rings page and I’m going to  view this page so again this is what a  this is what a featured image or how a  featured image will appear on the 2017  theme so you’re going to have that  header image which was going to be  consistent throughout the entire website  so that will always be there with your  navigation that sort of sticks once you  scroll past it so if you kind of notice  there I know I’ve got this WordPress  admin bar that sort of kind of you know  you can kind of messes with that a  little bit but you know it sticks to the  top of the page and your featured image  takes up this full this full width and  you could probably get an even larger  image to sort of scale all the way full  width but this is how it’s going to  represent your interior pages which  again if you’re using this as just a  marketing site that kind of thing not a  bad choice but otherwise I would say  that when you want to customize  and put products in here or really  customize the layout per page it’s  really not going to happen one major  example would be you know ultimately  somebody would say okay great  even if I use these like the watch page  the jewelry page the sales page let’s  say I want to make all that stuff and  kind of craft all those pages myself no  problem how do I get my WooCommerce  products to the home page right how do I  get my commerce products to the home  page there’s no option for that in this  theme you’d have to use something well  you could use my note plug-in that I  have that that we created over at the  studio but even that’s not going to be  the perfect scenario for that so even if  I went something like let’s see you see  you’re not even going to do it here  other than on maybe this top part right  here yeah because because of the way  that 20:17 pulls in this content there’s  no beginning or end so I could do  something like drop in a note sidebar  right here and then drop in widget and  my widget would be let’s say to do with  commerce products let’s go to say show  five but even that is going to be in a  list you can’t really you can’t really  style it like that so that my note  plug-in will allow you to drop in a  sidebar anywhere but above or below the  content of a page you know above the  below the title and above the content  and below the content and you can drop  in any kind of widget here but see what  Khmers isn’t styled the WooCommerce  which isn’t styled for this particular  theme it’s a sort of a it’s really just  a hack way to get some products in there  otherwise you find yourself linking to  the shopping page within each of your  interior marketing pages so you might  look at your watches and say you know  I’m going to write all my information  about my watches and why you should buy  watches from us and then have a link to  the shop pages to the shop page or the  specific category page of watches that  you’re selling so it’s a very manual  process it doesn’t really allow you to  move products in and out of the home  page so you know when you’re looking at  themes  no it’s a tough I know it’s a tough way  to evaluate things to sort of dive in  and you’re not sure which ones you’re  going to which ones you’re really going  to roll with you know the the issue  becomes styling this stuff moving  WooCommerce in-and-out at least in this  scenario I feel like 2017 is a great  marketing site for maybe a jewelry shop  or any kind of shop but it’s when you  want to integrate WooCommerce a little  bit deeper that’s when it sort of falls  flat  well big-time especially if you want to  bring products to the homepage that  becomes a big challenge you know  otherwise it works great for marketing  not going to be the best for WooCommerce  like I said this applies excuse me to  any WordPress theme that you’re  evaluating take a look at all the angles  that they have available so in the end  you know you want to pick a theme that  you can trust from a provider that you  can trust that you know is going to be  supported not just the theme itself but  for WordPress for WooCommerce for all  the integrations that you’re going to  have inside of it you know take a good  hard look at where you’re getting your  themes from and you know if you are  somebody who’s selling websites to  somebody you really should have you know  spend some time getting a good  foundation under view a good set of  tools to use this stuff nothing worse  than just throwing something out there  because you were hired hired to do it  and you you know saw an opportunity to  make some money and you just went at it  but you didn’t care about where you know  things were going to go with in terms of  you know a year from now you know who’s  gonna be doing the updates where the  updates come from WooCommerce WordPress  this theme provider how do I make  because you’re really going to make  yourself a big headache later on if  we’re not making the good decisions  early on its plugins comm  slash plug-in Tut if you enjoy blog  like this thumbs up like it friends tell  your friends and family about it helps  us get found we’ll see you in the next  post.

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