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all right in this post going to show   you how to make a Weebly which is a   website that you can use for pretty much   anything it’s a paid service if you want   the pro account but otherwise it’s free   so first thing to do is sign up you can   use Facebook sign up I won’t really   suggested though so I’m just going to   make something up here brett-brett   and calm and you know you’re going to   use your real email and password that   you want to use alright sign up it’s   free and what they’re going to do is try   to give you like a little tour in the   beginning but if you’re watching this   then obviously you’re not going to watch   that so they give you a lot of simple   ones to go with at first so go ahead and   look through those ones you want and   then go ahead and choose one don’t worry   about the design you can change that   even after you’ve already have you know   put all the pictures and words in or   whatever else you want you can always   change the theme later on alright and   then it’s going to ask me you don’t want   a sub domain or register one so let’s   say you want you know myself at calm eat   that cost money so um you can look into   that if you’d like otherwise we’re going   with a free one so it’ll say like like   my name is going to be Brett so I’m   going to do PW Brett 2010 let’s say   alright there’s gonna be like a little   portfolio that’s my my aim and says it’s   available hit continue and it’s going to   try to give me a little tour don’t need   it going to close it out okay and so   what’s gonna happen now is it they’ve   changed the layout so if you’ve used   this before it looks a little bit   different now so you just hover your   mouse over the left side and gives you   all the options okay before we even get   into that though you just want to look   at the page overall right now maybe you   don’t want this picture you can go to   edit the image something that you want   or you can change it just to no header   for example which that’s personally what   I would like to use or since the headers   gone now I can also go to pages and this   shows all the pages I have I could go to   landing page for my home page which   makes sense so if I go to save and edit   you can see what that looks like so   maybe I have something like this instead   which I kind of like so I could say hey   welcome to my port folio   all right and then you could have a   little information there about yourself   or let’s say this button I could link   that to somewhere else that I’ve been or   maybe a picture or whatever else okay   I’m not gonna mess that yet all right   and again I still edit that image   otherwise I’m going to go back to pages   and you can see that I only had a home   page at the top and so what I’m gonna do   is I’m going to add a few pages so I’m   just going to do standard page for this   and I could call this like Awards all   right then I had to add another page and   maybe I’m going to call this one hobbies   all right and then you can see I’ll show   you after that okay and then maybe under   hobbies maybe I actually have another   one so under hobbies maybe then I would   have like basketball all right and save   so now if I look I have home ords   hobbies and basketball now basketball   would probably fit under hobbies or   activities or interests so what I’m   going to do is I want the basketball to   go under hobbies so again I’m going to   go back to pages and if I just move this   to the right it’s got this little gap   now in the drop down then you won’t show   up until it’s there you can also do   things like hide from navigation that’s   not something you might want as well and   then I’m going to go to no header for   all of these only on my home page is it   going to have a header and save and edit   to go back to it so let’s check it out   so my home page I have that image with   little welcome message and then I can   put all my content down here if I go to   awards it gets rid of that and you can   just have that and if you look at   hobbies I click on hobbies that’s its   own page but also if I hover my mouse   over it I can also go to basketball okay   and you can also change my site so maybe   I could type in you know Brett support   folio and I believe oh I’m sorry that’s   just on the on the basketball page so   I’d probably want to name that   basketball if I’m on that page all right   so okay let’s get into it then so my   welcome page I’m going to say that   Rhett’s port folio all right there we go   looking pretty slick all right and maybe   I’d want one more page someone added   some content so I’m going to go to   standard page and this one I’m going to   call um my work all right so all the   work that that maybe I have done all   right one of this my work page I can   just start dragging stuff in so I’m   going to hover my mouse over here on the   left side and maybe I want to put a   title in or image and text you know you   decide what you want and they actually   broke it up into structure media revenue   Commerce and more I’m going to run you   through a few of these so maybe I go in   here and type in maybe computer related   work okay and then I’m going to go with   image and text drop that in there and   maybe I’ve created something I’m really   proud of some upload photos from my   computer you could also link it from   somewhere else   um but I have a few images that I have   pictures I took so I’m going to use this   photo here open and it’s going to upload   and it actually be hosted on this   website nowhere else and what I can do   is then put in here see here’s a photo I   took of a friend all right and I can   change the size of things right here so   maybe I think that’s a little small I   can make a little bigger change the font   color and maybe what I could do is my   friend link here I could make that a   link and have it go somewhere so maybe I   want to go to his website so my website   calm all right that doesn’t make sense   but and I can choose to have it open up   in a different window or not or let’s   say I do want to go to a page like I   could let’s say I have a link to his   page on my website you could just also   select it there okay but I’m going to   keep it toe here all right I mean it’s   safe all right the other going to do is   I can click the pictures kind of small   um so one thing I can do is sure this   lightbox is   turn that on why not but I can link it   to a file so again I’m going to choose   file on my website so when I click on it   it becomes big so I’m gonna upload a new   file so the file is actually already on   on here but I’m going to choose that one   hit open   and that way it links to a file so if I   click on it I’ll be able to use it like   that alright and then I can add a   caption and stuff like that you can   click through those and see what it   looks like and they also have advanced   so if you want put a border around it   and position it the way you want alright   then I just click out of that area and   there it is so computer-related work   here’s a photo I took of a friend   alright you can also upload other things   so for example let’s say you are using   Google Drive ok and let’s say I have a   document I want to share so let’s say   this is the document I want to share I   can go up to share alright and I can   change this to any anyone with a link   okay I can save that I can copy that   link there so anyone can view this the   link hit done and then the Weebly here   um let’s say I add another text box I’m   just going to put it right here and I   could say here is some written work ok   and I want to say with with Google Drive   what you can do is you can upload   anything so if I click upload files or   folder it’ll allow you to upload just   about anything you want so I’m going to   look at my desktop see if what I have   here like right for example here is a an   mp3 or a post I could I get it open   it’s gonna get uploaded to Google Drive   which is nice and I can just click on   that object and it doesn’t show a   preview but I can hit share right now   and I could change this so anyone with a   link can use this item because Weebly is   not going to host everything for free   ok so I’m gonna go here and I could   highlight that um actually it’s not   written work it’s audio work let’s say   and I could highlight that link it and   again it’s going to go to a website   which is action   the file and I could host it on here too   but I’m just showing you you can host   things on Weebly or you can host it on   Google Drive or Dropbox or somewhere   else to and hit save all right so let’s   see what this looks like now so I’m   going to hit publish here and I’m going   to say this is for education so I’m just   going to choose that and I’m this is a   class project but don’t ask me this   again continue and it’s going to have   you verify that you’re a person all   right if I spell everything right it’ll   say publishing so now this will be   available to anyone in the entire world   who types in this address so they go to   PW Brett 2010 dot   they will see this okay it’s gonna take   a little bit to load the background for   the first time but you can see if I hold   over hobbies basketball there I’m going   to go to my work and here we see the   image I took of a friend that links to a   different website or if I click at it   it’ll bring up the full size image um   that was taken so it’s a great way to   host it that way okay and then last   here’s some audio work if I click on   that and I’ll actually bring up that   audio file to download alright which is   also nice to have and now if I go back   to Weebly I’m going to close that out   alright and if I don’t want people to   see this yeah I can go to settings and   let’s say Act archive or unpublish and I   could say you know I made a lot mistakes   not gonna be able to fix um so I’m gonna   unpublish this site for now yes   unpublish so I click that and now that   site won’t be used any longer there are   a few other things that are handy to use   just look through there most of are   self-explanatory like using a gallery or   contact form just drop it in there and   try it out um and they have post in   there   but like I would suggest as hosting it   on YouTube so let’s say I here is my   youtube link so I’m going to drop it   down there and you can search for it   like if you click on this one so say   post url you can just throw that in   there and you can also go to advanced   and choose the size of it who they let   you choose HD now so that’s   that’s nice to see and there you go so I   can just unclick out of there this is   the post I want and that’d be fine all   right but I’m going to close it out for   an OPS I don’t really need it so I’m   going to leave that out   and they have files in there so you can   do documents um and then bed code is   really handy if you want to embed things   on your own so if that’s the case you   drop it in there so if I was if I were   to be on YouTube I could get the embed   code on there and then just paste it   right into here so that’s another way of   doing that and if you don’t know how to   do that I can show you so for example   YouTube and I will go to the kid   president post why not from soul   pancake and what you can do is go to a   share some medication embed and they can   grab this code right here and get your   choice the size like you go this doesn’t   give you the option to play major sites   either shut the new Weebly does so I can   click the HTML there paste it in there   and just click away and it will actually   appear to be in there then so that’s   good to see   okay and last couple things if I go to   design you can change fonts in here like   maybe you know I don’t like how light   these are so I’m gonna go to paragraph   text and the color right now is a little   too light for me so I’m going to drop it   down so it’s a little darker there I   think that’s easier to read and you can   change the ha the line height and stuff   like that as well and yeah so that’s   good and you change the font whatever   else and then lastly I can go to design   options here and change theme this is   very nice to have I can sort by color or   whatever else so I I kind of like the   dark stuff myself I don’t know I’m not   email but I tend to like it so let’s say   this one is the one I want to switch to   I can set choose or preview I’m gonna   choose it and then all right away it   just shows what it would look like   instead you can see it’s got a slick   looking background it’s got my it’s got   the same drop-down menus everything’s   there still so you know this this image   right here will change but the things I   typed in and files that I put in   everything else will be there so yeah I   think that’s about it so just it’s a   pretty easy thing to use   go ahead and just click through things   and try it out you can’t really screwed   up that bad the most confusing part for   a lot of people is just the pages but   it’s really easy once you just try it   out so good luck remember to publish it   and unpublish when you don’t want people   to see it so good luck      

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