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What is going on guys welcome to our   next post training we are talking about   niche our niche blog ideas I’m not   really sure how to say it we’re going to   go with niche and we’re going to go   through three steps to find the perfect   blog niche I think most of you will find   this very relieving because I think when   you’re starting out and starting a blog   people can get really in their heads and   they forget about really basic things   that they are either good at or would be   a good idea for their blog and I really   think this process being simplified is   going to help you out a lot so let’s   start with the mistakes that people have   make whenever they start a a blog   the first one is soul searching for your   passion listen I’m not against using   something you’re passionate about or   enjoy for your blog but what I am   against is doing this soul-searching   yoga Zen retreat to try to really like   manifest like what your destiny is okay   there’s a problem with that and that   problem is this is that passions are not   found they are developed I didn’t love   writing for avocado at the beginning you   know making recipe roundup articles and   things like that the beginning was was   pretty tough but what ended up happening   was from the responses from readers and   the enjoyment I found in the process and   the enjoyment I eventually found in   becoming a better writer and doing those   things I developed a passion overtime   what people mistake is they think that   there’s some inherent passion or that’s   going to be uncovered it and that might   be the truth but you have to go out   there and do something that isn’t just   thinking and spending time in your brain   to truly find your passion your passion   is going to be developed from the   actions that you take not from passively   sitting there and getting inside your   own head okay so remember that passions   are not found they are developed mistake   number two is starting out in a niche   are starting out a niche you know   nothing about just because it’s profit   okay blogging as far as blogging and   making internet websites the number one   most profitable website are one or two   is either insurance or stock trading now   what happens is that a lot of people end   up starting out in this niche and the   reason that they do this is because they   know oh I can make a ton of money and   they see somebody else making a ton of   money in this niche and they just think   that they can follow them and they’ll   also make a ton of money it doesn’t   really work like that the problem is   that if you don’t enjoy the writing and   don’t enjoy what you’re doing over time   not only does it show in your writing   but you will also just build yourself a   job and the goal here is to enjoy your   life and to love blogging and to find a   passion in it and to help develop your   passions it’s not to build yourself into   something that you really don’t enjoy   and I think a lot of people get this   wrong   listen like avocado our health and   fitness website makes over 20 grand a   month Doug the Pug makes over a hundred   grand per month a survival life in the   survival space I know makes over a   million per month and a DIY ready   website I know makes over a hundred   thousand dollars per month and I point   these things out because there’s almost   almost in any niche that you can get in   if you monetize the right way you can   make money in it okay mistake number   three is avoiding competition kind of   the opposite of mistake number two but   mistake number three listen we started   avocado and it’s a health and wellness   website that teaches people about weight   loss I mean let’s talk about unoriginal   ideas right that is that in itself is   the number one most popular health and   wellness website out there because a lot   of people are looking for it and it’s   profitable the deal is is that we could   have shied away from this competition   but but we didn’t and the reason we   didn’t is actually and step number three   coming up in just a sec but the point   that I’m trying to make is that   competition is there for a reason   and it’s a good thing and it’s usually   because a lot of people are doing it   finding success in it   and so you too can find success there is   always more room at the top if you can   find a blog that successful and you can   think in your mind hey I could probably   do it better than them you too can be a   successful blogger okay so we are going   to go through now to the three steps to   actually finding your new your niche   alright step number one what topic do   you have trouble shutting up about the   reason we started creating go was simple   it’s because I cannot shut up about   business are talking business to Lauren   she that drives her bonkers and she’s   probably back there laughing at me right   now   the reason why is because it’s something   I am truly passionate about the same way   that I am passionate about health and   fitness and so really you could just go   around if you’re really passionate about   veganism are you really passionate about   gardening if those are really things   that you already just don’t you can’t   shut up about are you really passionate   about your kids are really passionate   about politics and you just cannot shut   up about it that is a good sign that is   a sign that that’s something you should   be doing and why is that because a blog   is just a long conversation a blog   you’re literally just conversing with   someone about a topic that’s all it is   so you need to one of the quick ways to   find that is be like well I you know I’m   not a political expert but I can’t shut   up about politics that’s probably a good   niche for you okay step number two start   with a big topic and work down from   there to three to five sub topics you’re   interested in so the big snitch and   topic of avocado is healthy living but   we have sub niches that we that we we   target and this is by far the best way   to start your blog off it and why is   that because you will especially for   those of you who are confused and don’t   know I’m not sure about my passion or   what my passion is by selecting like   five or six sub niches to talk about   you’re going to we did we talked about   recipes and workouts and yoga and weight   loss and all these other things right   here that you can see over time what   happens is you kind of start realizing   well I really like talking about   this and my audience really likes this   but they’re not they’re not as big fan   of me talking about diabetes and that’s   the thing that we discovered we were   talking about yoga and you know we   didn’t know a lot about it but we enjoy   talking about it and our readership   loved it and so that’s why a big   mainstay in avocado is yoga and this all   kind of trickles down into step number   three is you narrow down your sub niche   our subtopics based on what people are   responding to and what you’re in what   you’re enjoying writing about so let’s   go back and let’s say that you’re   interested in recipes you really want to   start a recipe blog and so you start out   with like five or are so different   subtopics of a big topic so your big   topic is recipes and your subtopics are   desserts and snacks and healthy dinners   and a few other things and what you want   to do is you want to start writing about   that you want to start writing content   on that and you want to kind of feel it   out you want to feel out okay is this   something I’m enjoying what are people   reciprocal II what are people responding   to what are what is my audience and what   are the people that I’m reaching out for   on the platforms that I’m reaching out   out to actually responding to because   there you will find kind of what you’re   good at the cool thing about blogging is   is a blog can be a very fluid concept   and it should be I think people want to   start out and have it in their mind okay   I’m going to start a recipe blog about   paleo and these are the five recipes I’m   going to do and stuff like that it   doesn’t work like that   your blog is a fluid concept and needs   to evolve and change over time we’ve   we’ve had a lot of changes with avocado   over the the time that we started and   real specifically we started out with   five sub-niches and we narrowed it down   to really three that we were really good   at and and that made all the difference   guys so again let’s wrap this up real   quick all right so mistake number one   doing a over intense soul-searching or   are getting in your head too much   mistake number two is selecting a niche   that you don’t really know anything   about and mistake number three is   avoiding competition   what you should be doing is you need to   select a topic that you enjoy talking   about that’s it I mean ask your friends   what are think about times that you   spend with your friends and you’ve been   drinking or something like that like and   what just blurts out of your mouth and   you you have a hard time shutting up   about okay that’s that’s it a blog is a   long conversation step number two work   out five subtopics that you can talk   about that involve that subject again   think about us healthy living that’s a   big topic right and underneath that we   have you know diet exercise weight loss   yoga okay   so so those in you want to work out five   subtopics for one more would be like   detoxing work out five subtopics that   are related to and then once you have   begun blogging let your audience and   your enjoyment of what you are writing   move your blog into the direction that   it’s supposed to be and that’s the   easiest way and the cool thing about   this step by step process is you will   just naturally develop a passion for it   and you will also know you will you will   know okay I shouldn’t be writing about   that because my readers don’t like it   and I’m not getting any responses and   nobody’s visiting the blog but they   really liked this topic again Yoga was   the great example for us guys that’s   exactly how to find the perfect niche   for your blog and three easy steps I   hope you’re on the YouTube channel right   now if you wouldn’t mind going down and   hitting subscribe and like and leaving a   comment that really helps us grow it   really helps our channel grow and in the   more that we grow guys is the more that   I can put out posts like this to help   you out so do it for you don’t even do   it for me I’ll see you guys on the next   one later      

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