How to increase blog/wordpress speed ?

What’s up everyone today I will be  showing you an easy way you know to  compress your bloggers HTML CSS and  JavaScript files using just one tool you  know you do not have to use three  different tools to do all these things  just single tool and all your stuff will  be compressed to the max and with the  best algorithms and all those things  everything is done in an automated  fashion so you do not need to be you  know technically sound with this thing  because the site I’m going to show you  does all these things at its own right  so let’s get started  so what I’m actually talking about if  you’re confused is whenever you open  your blogger account and right over here  you go to template and then edit HTML

so  this is what your code is actually like  you know it looks clean obviously you  know if you’re you know doing editing or  every day on your blog so I would always  recommend that you should have this kind  of you know format because you know  what’s there and what’s aligned and how  your CSS is aligned obviously this is  the compressed CSS so you might be you  know getting really confused that how  all these codes are you know so much  cluttered but these are compressed but  the rest of my stuff is like where’s  this HTML these are totally open so in  case I know everything and I just want  that I need a little high privacy on my  blog so that if any stranger is opening  my blog you know he is not able to see  all those codes all those everything so  it should be a master thing obviously it  cannot be  done in a very secret way because a  blogger provides you with the option  which is right over here which is form a  template as so that someone clicks that  you know any kind of format formatting  you have done to your you know Kol will  be taken  you know reverted back to this kind of  format but still apart from the  strangers prying eyes we have many more  reasons you know to compress your  blogger code because I will show you in  a moment that the size comes actually  down and which is going to you know  decrease the bandwidth usage of the rear  of your readers and actually increase  the blog speed so it’s it’s a very nice  thing so what you just have to do to do  this thing is to just open up your  blogger then template and edit HTML and  this is what the code is you click  anywhere and press ctrl-a select all the  code and ctrl C to copy all the code

now  the site we’re going to use is HTML  compressor dot-com / compressor you know  if you want some extensive knowledge  about this side I have actually posted a  detailed tutorial on the sites link is  actually in the description just check  that link and you will get the link to  this site too right so now right on this  side what you just have to do you know  it has a very simple user interface all  as you click this show options button  annual you know so much surprised that  what kind of you know these things are  there so you do not have to worry about  that because I’m gonna show you the best  possible way you know best non-technical  way actually you know which does not  include which do not include actually  any kind of technical knowledge you just  have to paste the code and choose few  things which I’m gonna tell you right  now and then as soon as you press this  compressor on your stuff is going to be  compressing you’re going to have a very  compressed code which is obviously going  to be you know some much secret you know  it’s not going to be simple enough to  understand  so let’s now  the Cody have copied and now right over  here you have to press ctrl-v to paste  your hotel so this is my whole co-write  over here as you can see right now it’s  done now what do you have to do right  from over here which says code type you  have to choose blogger you know they are  all obviously having this simple option  so that makes everything a lot easier  choose that now over HTML tags and  spaces click on save minimization and  choose aggressive minimization now leave  everything right the way it is leave  everything right the way it is you do  not have to make any modifications to  all these things but right under  JavaScript minimization options click  and choose Google closure compiler and  then right over here choose advanced  optimization experts only single line  output and verbose output you know you  have to choose all these option and  right below instead of Yahoo choose J  ass minimization option  you know JavaScript minimization option  it’s going to be easy and that’s it you  do not have to make any more  modifications on the right-hand side but  on the left you just have to press this  compress button click that and you will  see compressing please wait so it’s  going to take a few seconds depending on  the code size and depending on your  internet connection because it has to  process your data so just wait and boom  it’s done now as soon as you will see  right above over here compression ratio  it’s 72 percent so it’s quite good  saved it 27 coma 590 bytes right so  earlier it was 974 50 bytes your code  size actually and the compressed one is  six nine eight four three bytes it’s  quite less we have saved two seven five  nine bytes so now what do you have to do  either click on the select all right  right click copy go over here so your  code is automatically copied if not once  again press ctrl-a then ctrl v you know  this code will be copied right over here  then press save template  now it’s saved and you will see Wow the  code is so much compressed that even you  won’t be able to understand

so in case  you think that oh my god what I have  done I’m not able to understand no need  to panic because right now the size is  quite less and if you want to make any  modifications what you just need to do  is press this format template button  once and everything is back you go  bloggers you know run an inside  algorithms to you know separate all  those things and make every line every  media tag and HTML tag on a separate  line making it easier for you to you  know make any kind of changes to your  blog in case you mess up so you now you  know you know you can create this form a  template and after you have done all  those modifications you can repeat the  process of compressing your unicode  right now I’ve compressed I will be  using this compressed one but obviously  it’s safe so I won’t be you know making  any changes at this page so this is my  blog now the code is slowly compressed  and I’m going to see some real get speed  change and many more things you know so  obviously in the long run you know this  thing is going to save a lot of  bandwidth and even if you know a  non-technical person in case he comes to  your blog and he wants to mess with your  blog you know it’s going to be a lot  difficult for him to you know understand  the CSS and all those things and even it  you know reflects the same in the page  source so if any person is going to you  know sniff your codes it’s going to be a  lot difficult for him as you can see  right from here right so I hope you  loved this tutorial of you know  compressing your blogger template and  you know making it much more fast and in  case you face any problem you obviously  have the remarks action right below and  you can even visit on my blog  as I have given the link in the  description which is hacking Universidad  in right over here this is tech oriented  blog obviously but I post some mixed  kind of stuff you know helping everyone  in their day-to-day life and enhancing a  lifestyle so do visit my blog every day.    

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