How to write a blog in 2019

Hey guys Pallavi Joshi here again from and today I’m just putting together a nice little quick tutorial on how to write a good blogpost and the way I’m going to demonstrate this is I’m actually going to walk you through a recent blog post that I created using the same method now the first thing that’s important rounder stand is when you go to do this it doesn’t matter how popular your blog already is you know it doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re currently getting these kind of things will help make your blog better it will increase your traffic from wherever you’re getting your traffic from because you’re going to be creating stuff people want to actually read in the way this all came about is I get questions from students of mine who are involved in some of my courses they’ll ask me things like hey how much writing should I do for each post or is only doing 300 words on a post okay or can I just write 300 words and get away with that and rank in the search engines and all of that and the thing I always say to that is number one write as much as you need to write to get your point across in the blogpost so whether you’re trying to entertain people or whether you’retrying to teach people something or demonstrate something make sure that the writing that you do demonstrates or gets a point gets your point across to your audience so if it only takes 300 words to do that that’s fine if it takes 150 words to do that that’s fine some of my posts take two two or three thousand words to get my point across and to make sure that the person who’s reading it fully understands what I’m teaching so yours don’t have to be two or three thousand words but if it takes that much do it okay make sure you’re doing what you have to do always right for the searching for people first in the search engines second you’ll have better results that way and the search engines will still pick up what you’re doing and like what you’re doing so let’s go through this because I want to on try to make this video brief for you you don’t have to sit through an hour-long lecture because I could honestly talk about the subject for hours so let’s get started the first thing you want to do is make sure and I’m also go right through my post here m know what you’re writing about use sources like Wikipedia wiki how if you want but remember those are good sources but a lot of other people are using them don’t forget about stuff like using the library or using your own knowledge if it’s ah if you’re in a niche market like a hobby or something you already know a lot about you might not even need to do any additional research because you already have all that knowledge for you just make sure everything you’re doing is ethical and truthful on this partABB’sI absolutely love and this I started probably about probably about a year year and a half ago I started using this method and it’s really helped make my blog posts so much better I look back at some of my old writing and I almost cringe at some of it because it’s it’snot very good but now for over a year year and a half I’ve been shifting to using this method and its really really helping and what I do is from either my notes or from the knowledge in my head just things that I know I’ll create an outline and I usually use I like to use SkyDrive now which is free it’s a Microsoft free thing e you can log in and you can write documents and things like that and I al

so recommend if you don’t like using Microsoft products and you want to use Google you can use Google dot or Google Drive it used to be Google Docs and now it’s Google Drive so you can do that as well you can just use that if you don’t have like Microsoft Word or whatever or another program but what I like to do is I just create a simple outline I make sure to bold my main topics like the the section topics that I want to discuss and then the bullet points I put underneath just reinforce whatever the outline pick is ok so I’ll put together an entire outline before I even write the post and what this does is it lets recollect my thought sit lets me make sure that what I’m writing about is completely accurate and I’m not leaving anything out because if you just freelance right where you just basically go into your dashboard and to create a new post and you just start typing you never know exactly what you’re going to get and sometimes you can make a great post that way other times you’re you’re going to be kind of off base and you need to really rethink what you’re doing creating an outline let you let you basically sort everything out before you even start your writing and I know a lot of you probably remember doing stuff like this in school and you might even still be in school right now and you’re watching this but it you know those uh those things they used to make us do where we’d write outlines before we would actually create our you know our rough drafts and then our final drafts to actually turn out to be a good thing to do they make they get your thoughts down on paper to make it easier so make sure you create an outline that you can use and at first you won’t have a title but just list what your topic is and go off your topic start listing down the things in order that makes sense

so if you’reteaching if it’s educational list it in order that you need to teach it in if it’s something that’s entertaining list it in the logical order that makes sense for your reader ok so use that and at my blog and I’ll put this below in the video you can actually read through this entire post and see how I’ve done it in how I used the outline to actually stru I even start working on creating the post I use images a lot of times it might different in various different posts and I like to gather those before I actually start writing and the reason I do that is uh because all the thoughts for the images I want are already fresh in my head they’re already there I know kind of like what I want to go with each lesson or each step and again this works in any niche market so even if you’re not listing in steps or if you’re not listing in like like in order where you need to have things structured in acertain way that’s okay too you can still get your images ready before this and in the great thing about images you can take those images you can share the mon Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google+get them out there in front of people and guess what you’re going to get extra traffic from that extra traffic

I just use Snag it for my images too like if I nee d to put any illustrations on them and if you don’t have Snag it you can use Pixlr or something like something like that or GIMP I know people use GIMP on their computer and I grab stock photos from Fotolia and iStockphoto so they’re easy to use and they’re great resources and cheap to use and then what I do is I actually create the post from the outline so I’ll take my outline and I’ll use the section headers to basically section it off like for instance I’ll just show you a little example on hereon step 4 create your blog post from the outline well let’s go in here to my outline and create out here it is create posts using outline and then each of these will be a new sentence or new paragraph that I can then write about inside of my post ok makes it very simple to do ok some other things after you get done writing your post spelling and grammar check ok I’m terrible I’ll be honest I have a lot of typos I have to fix them if you read my blog you’ll probably find some typos still even after I fix them but the good news is you can get rid of most of them yo u get you can fix a lot of your grammar issues as well it all have people who come to my blog and who will always always find a grammar issue somewhere that’s okay you know we’re not journalists we’re not writing you win a Nobel Prize here you want to still make a good or a great blog post that’s readable for your audience so when you’re doing this don’t don’t panic if you have a grammar or issue or a misspelling it’s going to happen you know it happens to the best of the best of us but um you know that’s not why we’re in this so if you do have some grammar issues don’t worry about it don’t start sweating and panicking that you know you made a typo and someone called you out on it it’s fine okay what I like to do last after I get my blogpost created I will create a blog post title and the the title is something that should catch your reader’s attention and it should be unique you know what I mean by that is it’s easy you could simply write something on your blog I you could write a post about basically anything and you could take just the keywords that you’re trying to rank for in the search engines and put that as your title okay but anybody can do that so what I suggest you do is learn how to write some headlines structure some some better-looking headlines that still have your keywords in there so you’re not you know missing out on the search engines but to also kind of give your reader a little a new perspective and in inside my post actually the way I explain that is I could have easily written this post just using the keywords in my title and I could have used something like just howto write a good good blog post but what I did is

I turned it into how to write a good blog post with these five simple tips because after I got done writing this post I realized I’m like oh you know I have five temp tips the fall or five steps for the reader to follow so I can take this and I can actually playoff of that and make a better sounding headline that gets someone’s attention more because now I’m telling them hey I’m going I’m going to teach you this and I’m going I’m going to do it in five simple tap tips I could have said steps I could you know I could put steps as well but I just decided to us tips instead it’s just what I wanted to do and what I like to do is if I’m struggling for a headline if I can’t figure one out go to there’s a couple websites there’s actually several there’s so many good headline writers out there but I like to go to like the fool which is a motley fool it’s a stock tip and stock trading advice and even if you’re not into stock tips and stock trading and things like that you can go on here and you can find some really really great headlines just by going going through the blog here and looking at all their different things that are going on they actually even have a headlines area right up put up the top where you can go through and look at different headlines that they’rewriting here and see how they look for you so I’m not going to read read through these but it’s basically if you go through you can look at their different headlines and find some that are really great the other thing to dosh is sign up for their email list because they actually use great headlines in their emails so um even if you’re not in the stocks and things like that the the headlines alone are worth the learning that you can get out of it so I highly suggest doing that they’re awesome the other place that I like and I’ll go back to my blog here is is Gawker they have some really really creative funny headlines too so if you’ve never been to that site I’ll go over here and you can find different headlines and whether you agree with the stuff they write about or not they still have some pretty funny some pretty fun headlines they also have serious stuff on here as you can see but they do have some fun headlines where they play with words and it’s nice to just get a little more education on writing a good headline you’ll have to be a copywriter but kind of play with your headlines a little bit so you can start being a little more creative and you’re going to stand out so that way you don’t look like all the other sites out there who are writing about the same thing because there’s always going to be people writing about the same topic you are you just have to be a little bit different okay so and then finally what you want to do is after you create your headline you get all that done put your images into your post you can optionally and I’m actually going to add this video to my post when I’m done h ere so I you can take a video you can put it upon YouTube you can then just simply embed it into your website so into your write into your blog post right from YouTube and this will not only save you on bandwidth it will also get you more traffic from the video sites and then you can share this video on all kinds of other video networks you can share it on Facebook you on Pinterest on Twitter and it’s going to get you more attention more traffic and people like video we love images and we love video we look at them they get our attention and it breaks up all the text that’s all over the screen because usually you know we’ll come to a blog post and if there’s 2,000 words and it’s just straight text all the way through you’re going to get to a point where you’re like okay that’shard to read especially on a if you’re on is a mobile device it gets a little bit harder to read so you know break up you’re not only break up your sentences like I do here to make it easier to read and so I don’t need use a typical paragraph structure I break it up into two or three sentences at a time but al so put those videos in to kind of you know segregate parts of your content out so it’s just another way that you can do it videos are optional but video does add I you know I don’t put in like videos of like kittens playing you know just to break up your text make sure it makes sense to your topic and the other cool thing is with YouTube is if you get a if you’re writing a post that sounds really great and you’re like you know this would be better with a video and you don’t want to shoot the video yourself all the other nice thing with YouTube is you can embed other pee those videos a lot of people will just allow you to embed their videos I allow people to embed my videos onto their websites and most people on YouTube allow embedding because hey we all want to share our videos more it gets us more publicity and it will save other people time like I’ve used other people’s videos um in my own post even on this blog so if I find something I’m like hey you know what that’s a really cool thing to share with my reader I’m gonna take that video and I’m going to put it onto my blog and you’ll find that your your viewers will stay on longer they will ingest your content more they might comment more they might contact you via email or Facebook more and the more contact you have the more sales you can make from your blog if you’re into sales if you’re not into making sales and you’re just doing it for fun more power to you that’s awesome but you still want to grow your audience

if you’re doing it for fun you want people to read your blog and see it so use video to get more traffic in and use itto also add to the content that’s on your site now at my blog I have additional teaching on keyword research if you have no clue where to start looking for keywords for your blog post I have all kinds of tutorials and I’ll show you here at the top yeah under tutorials you’ll be able to see I’ve got different various tutorials and I keep adding to this and I also have all kinds of other stuff to read okay so it’s you you’re struggling to find that topic if you’re struggling to do a lot of things and blogging or even making money online come over to Michael com check it out and use this stuff but what I challenge you to do the last thing I want to say here I ultimately just want to challenge you right now to write a better blog post write a better blog post write something that your audience will love write something that’s unique and different than everyone else out there and of course if you also want to read the text format of this video and see exactly how I structured everything I will put that link below this post because it’s kind of a long link so I don’t wanna I don’t want to have to have you trying to type all that in so anyway I’m Michael Brown from Michael s Brown comm I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you take me up on the challenge to write a better blog post today something your audience is going to love is something that can stand out among these a of niche bloggers whatever your niche is out there so again thank you very much and I will see you in another post.

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